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After years of gazing at screens, a pandemic and changing social norms, just about everyone’s communication skills could use a refresh. 

With decades of experience, Denizen Communication provides you with the skills you need to engage more positively and effectively with those around you.

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Professional Communication

Effective communication in the workplace leads to professional advancement and drives company growth and success. Learn key skills for more fruitful interactions.

Interpersonal Communication

Personal connections can make all the difference in our lives, decreasing loneliness and increasing our sense of belonging. Learn ways to communicate that draw others in.

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About Denizen Communication

With rapidly shifting norms, a pandemic and over a decade staring at our phones, it’s no surprise that our communication skills might be a bit rusty. Experience more ease in your life, career and relationships, with Denizen Communication.

Wendy Widom, Founder and Lead Trainer

The winner of four Emmy Awards and a National Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Innovation, Wendy has been a communication trailblazer for more than two decades. Her work centers on our shared human need for belonging and the ways communication forms the foundation for fulfilling lives and careers.

Wendy brought her communication expertise to the emerging world of digital media and rose quickly to the top of the industry, working in a local newsroom of a major TV network and co-founding a global social media campaign. Yet in recent years, Wendy observed that despite its benefits and promises, social media has left us more divided and isolated. Add rapidly changing societal norms to the mix and it is no surprise that many people today feel stuck, frustrated or lonely.

The path forward, Wendy realized, involves a behavior that we humans have practiced forever, communication. Fortunately, developing better communication skills–whether for work or your personal life–is not hard, and the rewards are profound: professional advancement, friendship and true connection. With candor and insight, Wendy and her team will get you where you want to be.

Wendy graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Florida and holds a MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.